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Gm application

Post  D34DR4SH on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:33 pm

I'm New here. But i posted this Gm application just in case.

Personal Information

Name: mathijs

Age: 15

Country: The Netherlands

Time Zone: GMT +1

Playing Time(Each Day:): 2-3 hours

Languages you speak: Dutch, English


FlyFF Experience

How long can you play each day?: 3-4 hours

How long did you play eFlyFF?: 4 years

How long have you played interflyff: i'm playing for a week now. No, i'm not here to try to become a GM.
i'm here to play a game called flyff. I don't care if i don't get picked for being a GM.
I just like too help players.

How can you help interflyff?:
> giving help too players.
> keeping the server clean and save.
> never abuse my powers.
> i will never give out any item's if i'm not allowed too.
> might be able to donate some time

Why should we pick you for the interflyff Team?:
> i've been GM on 2 server fly for rock and fly for insane ( both stopped)
> i know the commands, got a GM tool too.
> i will never abuse my powers.
> i will never bann a player for being anoying. or i've i don't like him.

How good are you with people?: good. my friends say i'm good in lisening too there problems

Do you know the fellow Game Masters and players?: i know some players but i don't know any GM's yet i hope i will meet them in-game soon.

Extra Information

What can you tell us about you?:
hobby's: i play guitar and football, i like too hangout whit my friends, playing games. I'm addicted too gaming. i'm on every day if i can.
job status: i don't have a job yet i tryed too work at a local shop but i failed.... Razz

Under pressure, would you give away any items?:no, i won't becouse i am not allowed too give item's away. they should wait for a event.

Will you ignore fellow players?: no, only if they get anoying in this case i will ask them too stop if they keep being anoying i will just go away

Will you try your best to help players and Game Masters?: yes, i will

Will you use the notice function for useless reasons?: no, i won't. i've been on servers were they where just talking too each other by the notice function and that was a bit anoying.

or pm.


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Re: Gm application

Post  MiaChristie on Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:20 pm

going early ehh?
well nice aplication... a hard 1 to beat >.>

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