BlueMeteo's/Cloudy's Guide to the Ranger Class

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BlueMeteo's/Cloudy's Guide to the Ranger Class

Post  MiaChristie on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:05 am

BlueMeteo's/Cloudy's Guide to the Ranger Class

This guide's purpose is to outline all the aspects of the Ranger Class. This is not an Acrobat guide so any references to them will not be in detail.

DemonFlyFF's Rangers have now been improved so they're not the complicated PvP class. You can play them as easy, better versions of the conventional "Bow Jester".

Just a starting note; Rangers are extremely hard to play and make money with as a first class choice for many players, especially those inexperienced players. If this is your first time making a Ranger , I suggest you have a decent pool of cash to dip into for several different build set-ups. Rangers are a versatile class that requires certain skill with skill combo's and attack methods.

Let's start with Builds;

The three MAIN Ranger builds are:

Low Stamina

STR : 15
STA : 30
DEX : xx
INT : 15

This is the build I personally used until Level 105; where I restatted to Full Dexterity. The reason for this beautiful build, is that the extra 15 stam lets you aoe with a bit of extra defence and HP to provide a more stable character to level with. And it's not TOO much stam as to cause too much damage to your ATK due to lack of dex . I recommend this build to rangers who can afford Arek Ring +15's or higher before Level 105. But this build requires a Full-Support Ringmaster/Billposter/Assist healing or a Windfielding Elementor partner.This build due to V12's awakening and weapon piercing, you can use this and get DEX awakens and piercings or go Full Dex with STAM awakenings.

High Stamina (Cost - Effective)

STR : 15
STA : 50 - 80
INT : 15

This is the Version 6 Ranger build. There isn't much to it. It's basically the same as the first build, but it incorporates more stamina for the people who prefer Hit Points ( Herein referred to as HP) over Damage, or those who can't afford the well upgraded +Dexterity items, jewels or awakens. This is a more stable build, but it is obviously the build where your damage will be lower than conventional rangers. This build is very oldschool and rarely used due to lack of damage. It's useless in V14 now but it's an old build..

Originally Posted by Shadowlit View Post
Rangers are actually a great starting class but you need to build it a bit different. (For those that remember MythoRain I started that character as a poor nab)

First of all you will want to get yourself about 50-60sta with the rest dex until about 105-110 as you wont have the money for a good set or unicorn and probably wont have the skill to HnR right away. I like to put in full dex until about level 45 then start cramming in sta until you reach your cap then you will add dex for the rest of your life. Throughout your acrobat career just use npc gear. (I usually just get the 15 27 and 47 npc bows and the 33 npc set)

Now that you are finally a ranger save up to get a npc set and head over to the air space between flaris and darkon and go kill captian rockepellars until you get 2 plugs+9. These will save your life countless times and are necessary for a poor ranger. Now you will want to go aoeing and save up all your money. (DO NOT BUY THE 71 NPC SET OR 75 GREEN SET YET) The goal is to be able to get a azria ticket by the time that you are about level 70-75 and now you will be making a ton of money from drops so get your 75 green set ASAP and then a Gbow or Abow afterwards. Assuming you have been saving your money and suns up you should be able to buy a raze set by the time you hit 105 but wait around until people are selling it for cheap. Now the choice is yours here if you can get your raze/ranerz set to at least +5 then you can easily restat to go full dex but if you want to wait a bit longer you can. By now you should be able to figure it out for yourself so welcome to the world of rangers

As a note save all your eggs and questies and try to make a unicorn. Even a 2k unicorn can nearly double your hp at lower levels. Also once you hit about 110 with a +8 set the plugs stop having as much of a use so you can sell them and get some demols to help with your damage although demols can be pretty expensive and anything under +10 demols is really not worth your time. Also in general try going for attack piercings as the hp% does not really add a great deal when your base hp is only around 6k full dex at hero, but NEVER put defense piercings as the difference is hardly noticeable with your blocks.


* As a note for pvp if you are using a sta build and skill spamming it can be beneficial to use 28% hp to be somewhat of a tank although it's still not recommended.
No Stamina, or The Full Dexterity

STR : 15
STA : 15
INT : 15

This is what I like to call the "Pro" build. This build is utilized by those who can afford a pair of Speedoes +3 Earrings, +18 or higher Arek Rings, Armour Sets+10 with 28% ATK or HP slots and well awakened items before Level 105. It is an extremely strong, hard-hitting build, but of course, also, a very fragile build. It is also used by 1 Versus 1 Rangers (Herein referred to as 1v1 Rangers).
This build is a non-negotiable build for 1v1 Ranger as the higher Block and Dodge rate by Rangers means they will almost never get hit . And a warning to those who choose the path of the 1v1 Ranger; prepare to level slowly, even with the new Sets and Skills, you'll still be barely hitting 10k crits with decent gear.

[Reason for speedoes]: Even though you're full dex, your blockrate will still suck before 105 so it's beneficial to have them to help with your aoe, whether you be H n R or a stationary aoer.


Hyper/Cruiser Set; Lvl 45

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+20, Bow Attack Power+10, Yoyo Attack Power+11
3/4: Def+41, Bow Attack Power+10, Yoyo Attack Power+11, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%
4/4: Def+55, Bow Attack Power+10, Yoyo Attack Power+11, FP Consumption-20%, MP Consumption-20%, Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%

The Level 45 set is used by all Rangers as a 1v1 set. If you are an aoe style, do not use this set, rather, use store-bought equipment (Herein referred to as NPC Gear) until you hit Level 65 (with Reduction scrolls) or Level75 for your Level 75 set. It is a set that relies on your having a high critical rate to utilize the high Additional Damage Of Critical Hits that you receive from wearing this whole set.

Oska/Okas Set, Lv75

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+21
3/4: Def+50, Hit Rate+15%
4/4: Def+50, Hit Rate+15%, Add HP+15%

This Level 75 Set is the first "Green" set you will use for your Ranger. Why? You will want the +15% HP from wearing all 4 pieces of the set. This set will give you a significant HP boost to help you aoe more efficiently and level faster. I do not recommend upgrading it past +5; due to the uselessness of the set and the speed that you will level from 75 to 105.

Asren/Aren Set; Lvl 90

4/4: Dex +10, Critical Rate+20%, Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%

This is your Crit Ranger set; your PvP set for the majority of Rangers. Obviously because it's basically the Jester's set but made for you Rangers, the REAL Bow wielding class. With an Ultimate bow, this set is a deadly combination when used in PvP.

Ranerz/Raze Set, Lv105

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+10%
3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Atk Block +10%, Short Range Atk Block+10%
4/4: Def+15%, Ranged Atk Block+15%, Short Atk Block+15%, Add HP+15%

The Level105 Set is the 2nd "green" set you will use as an Aoe Ranger. If you choose not to acquire the "Bloody Set", then I suggest you upgrade this set as much as you can and try to achieve either an ADOCH [Additional Damage Of Critical Hits], Dexterity, or Stamina awakening on the suit, depending on which stat you'd prefer.


Guardian Bow; Lvl 60

HP Rate+15%,
Crit Rate+20%

This is your favourite weapon up until Lv90,where you will be able to use the Angels Bow. The 15% HP is a great bonus for your aoeing, and the 20% crit is just a bonus for PvP [ Player Versus Player]. You may choose this as your permanent bow for PvP and upgrade it to Ultimate +0-+10 for that reason. This bow would make a DEADLY Critical Ranger with the Acer Set or Asren/Aren Set

Angels Bow; Lvl 90

HP Rate+20%,
Hit Rate+20%

Due to the introduction of the "New" Bloody bow, this bow is your temporary bow until you get the Bloody Bow. It lacks the +Adoch you want for your PvPing and it has less ATK rate. You use this bow til you obtain a Bloody Bow, if not Ancient or Vampire.

Legendary Golden Bow; Lvl 105

Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%,
Atk Speed+10%

This is the next 1v1 Ranger bow, though not many rangers use it for its Critical Damage bonus, just for its extra damage because of its level requirement.

Vampire Bow; Lvl Master+

Crit Rate+20%,
Additional HP+20%

This bow isn't really worth it considering that 20%HP isn't much of a boost compared to 22% ATK Rate from the Ancient, If you have the money, go for it I guess.

Ancient Bow; Lvl HERO

Attack Rate+22%,
Evasion Rate+19% (Not Block Rate)

Your favourite bow. It's your end-game bow which is amazing due to its immensely powerful stats. The Evasion gives you almost invulnerability and the ADOCH means when you crit, you'll crit for amazing damage.

Bloody Sets~

Bloody Bow; Lvl 120

Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%,
Atk Speed+10%,
Add HP+20%

This bow is just the Legendary Golden Bow with extra attack and the 20%HP bonus. It is your End-game bow is you don't plan on getting Ancient or Vampire bows. It provides the nice 20%HP boost which is almost negligible, but it still counts!

Acer Set; Lvl 120

1/4: No effect
2/4: No Effect
3/4: No Effect
4/4:Attack Rate +5%, Crit Rate+20%, Additional Damage of Critical Hits 40%, Add HP+15%

This Set is what you want if you have the spare change after 105. You might think, "Hey! Why would I want to lose my +15% block rate just for 10% DEF ,10dex, and crit rate? Don't rangers suck as crit-hitters?"
Well to answer this; Ranger's achieve perfect block after reaching 120. That means the Blockrate is pretty much useless, and the extra defence is nice against any hits you DO receive, the crit is nice for Giant Hunting, or PvP Crit Ranger style.

Originally Posted by Arthaxor View Post
At 60-M you wont have perfect block, but yea the 120 set is sorta good. Just prolly better off with ranerz/raze. But again, a 120 set should go with speedo's +3/ demols +20 and some nice areks anyway.

Elementing Your Weapon and Suit

Elementing is an integral part of all classes, Rangers included. Always element your suit to the OPPOSITE element of the monster you're fighting to reduce the damage you take. Note : this is before level 105 because your blockrate will suck. After 105 go the same element for more 0's. With weapons, no matter what monster, just leave your Bow at +10 Fire. This is because your Flame Arrow timer will last longer with the fire element. +10 water your bow for Meteonyker Hunting obviously and your suit with fire.

PIERCING your Suit & Ultimate Piercing

Piercing your suit correctly is a very important part of not failing as a ranger. Most rangers, from my experience, use 28%HP in their suits because they like the appearance of security due to the higher HP count. You may also choose this path but many, myself included, chose the 28%ATK because;

1. You get an intense boost of ATK power with a Full Dexterity build

2. You don't get hit much with an extremely high Block and Dodge Rate; making ATK a more beneficial piercing.

Piercing is something you, yourself will choose. I've also seen 28% Defence piercings in Ranger Level 105 Sets but this is something I DO NOT recommend.

Ultimate piercing is easy; If you're hero already and finished with Meteo'ing etc; Go PvP damage.
If you're Hero and still wanna hunt Meteo, DEX or HP, your choice. You can always pop a Unicorn anyway.
Stam is really just if you can't get any better sockets. xD


Gore necklace.
Plugs - This is before 105 if your gear isn't all great.
Demols - This is for after 105 when your damage will jump up and you won't need the defence because of your awesome block rate with your Level 105 Set.
Areks or Stams. You can make the choice depending on whether you prefer damage over HP. If you feel you're getting hit too much, use Stams, and if not, use Areks. I personally used areks all the way.
Speedoes - Early Aoe before Lvl105 or if you're pvping against blades or any other melee classes.


[Jackalope] Rabbit - This is for any ranger who wants the Block rate/Dodge/Atk boost. I personally prefer these to Unicorns.

[Nightmare] Unicorn - For the ones who love their HP. I'd only suggest this to 28%HP suit Rangers; Though I used it as a Full Dex +28%ATK Ranger from 60M-100M because my block sucked.

[Bahumet] Dragon - If you're a ranger, I highly recommend the Rabbit because though you don't get more ATK than the Dragon, you get extra Critical, Block, and Dodge from it. So I really only suggest it if you're trying to break the ATK record Razz


BEFORE I begin on the Leveling section, read this part, this is a very important part of the guide, if you don't follow the instructions, you're basically wasting your time as a ranger.
Rangers are a very skill reliant class with an assortment of different skills.

Here is a list of the skills;

Dark Illusion - A Skill that makes the user invisible for a short amount of time.

Ice Arrow - Aoe Skill with the lowest cooldown

Flame Arrow - Fire aoe with the second lowest cooldown.

Poison Arrow - A shot that causes damage to the monster over time (poison). This skill breaks your Dark Illusion ( non-aoe)

Piercing Arrow - An aoe that requires all monsters to be in a straight line with each other.

Critical Energies - Gives you +20%Critical Rate, great buff for Crit Ranger's who lack Critical Awakenings, give you the boost for the higher critical rate.

Natural Alignment - +10%HP , +5%ATK Rate, a fantastic MUST have booster for the Ranger.

Special Bow Mastery - Fantastic for extra damage against Monsters/Players.

Bow Mastery - Gives you an extra 20atk. Not that great , really.

Perfect Block - This gives +20% Blockrate and is a must for all rangers, remember to cast it frequently .

Silent Arrow - An arrow shot that causes the target to be unable to cast MP moves. Perfect against Psy's and BP's.

Sniper's Accuracy - This is your favourite PvP Skill. It provides +20%Critical +100%Additional Damage of Critical Hits for 7 seconds. Your 7 Seconds of Ownage. Perfect for use with Hawkeye out of Dark Illusion.

Hawkeye - Increases bow range by 30%, great for Sniping.

Arrow Rain - Aoe Skill with the longest cooldown and best DPS

Now, to Aoe level, here's the secret sequence in which you execute your aoes:

Ice Arrow> Fire Arrow > Ice Arrow > (Piercing Arrow if they're all together)If not, skip this step, then > Arrow Rain.

Rinse, repeat.

Because while Ice arrow is cooling down, you can do a Fire arrow, and then recast Ice arrow because it's cooled down, then hit an Arrow Rain so the DoT timers have optimum damage output timers.

Don't follow this, and you're wasting MP, time, and precious RAIN time ( If it is raining)

You could also use Tyrin's method:

Arrow rain> ice arrow > fire arrow > piercing arrow > ice / fire > repeat

(Never considered it, but it makes more sense)


NOTE: If you are using Amplification Scrolls whilst leveling, you can stay at these Monsters for an additional level or two if you desire.

Most people don't level on normal monsters anymore because of the availability of Azria Tickets. Though I have mentioned the normal mobs for anyone who prefers it or cannot afford tickets.

Lvl 60 - 63

Azria : I do not suggest Azria unless you're a Master [ Rebirthed after Level120] or you have a partner who can tank, or a Windfielding Elementor so you can Hit And Run at Yeti's which are north, to North East of the Bridge if you are facing away from the bridge where you spawn.
Madrigal : The Drillers North West of Eron's Factory.

Lvl 64-67

Azria: You should stay at Yeti's and produce larger aoes.
Madrigal:GreenMongs/Syliacas in the caverns of Darken.

Lvl 68 -71

Azria: Yeti's, and just make larger aoes again; They have a great spawn so you'll always have good experience there.
Madrigal: Carrierbombs , immediately east of Darken City.

Lvl 72 - 75

Azria: Mutant Yetis, just West of the Yetis. Also a great spawn.
Madrigal: Hoppres or Mushpoie, both, not so great spawns, highly recommend an Azria ticket. These are located in Darkon 3. Mushpoies located near the Ringmaster Alter, and Hoppres located near the gate entering Darkon 3

Lvl 76 -80

Azria: Augus which are located immediately south-west of the bridge. They look like blue dinosaurs.
Madrigal: Mushpoies or Watangkas. Watangka's are located in the forest south of the Gate of Cendil. I still highly recommend an Azria ticket at least. Only 15m Penya.

Lvl 81- 85

Azria: You can choose to stay at Augus or move up to Mutant Augus which are located to the East of the Augus
Madrigal: Watangkas or the Antiqueries, aka the Trees, which are located to the south of the Watangkas, deeper in the forest.

Lvl 86 -90

Azria: Mutant Augus or after Level 88 you could try Ghost Of The Forgotten Princes which are located to the east of Augus and East North East of the Bridge.
Madrigal: The Antiqueries or you could move up to the Luias aka the "Red Chocobos" located in the Northern volcanic area before the Kerns.

Lvl 91 - 95

Azria: Ghost Of The Forgotten Princes which are West North West of the Bridge.

Lvl 95 - 101

Azria: Ghost Of The Forgotten Kings located at the Northwestern corner of the map.

Lvl 101 - 105

Azria: Ghost of the Forgotten Kings or Mammoths; Kings are located north of the Mutant Yeti's, in the Northwestern corner of the map; Mammoths are located on the southern strip of the map.

Lvl 106 - 116/117

Azria: Cannibal Mammoths, located in the South Eastern corner of the map.

Lvl 116/117 - 120 [99.99%]

Tower: Captain Asuras, better spawn.


PvP or Player Versus Player is the concept that refers to the act of killing other players (Not NPCs).

Ranger PvP is weird...But there's two styles to it. Crit Ranger Style, or the Skill Ranger style.

Critical Ranger Style; is the style that relies on hitrate, Critical rate, and Lots and lots of dex.

It's basically the Ranger version of the Bow jester.

Skill Ranger is the style that utilizes the more , in my opinion, powerful aspects of the ranger. (Note, support only)

It uses the skills obviously to kill the enemy.

There really isn't much to it. DI, choose some skills or just start attacking.

PvP is an art that is selftaught, not taught by others. Well, others teach you by killing you or getting killed Razz

EDIT: NOTE: If you want to be any sort of half decent ranger who doesn't get his ass handed to him on a platter, you really need to have a decent pool of funds to dip into. Otherwise you suck ass in comparison with other classes. Unless you're comparing with your own class.. xD

I think i covered it all.

Credits go to for the item stats and skill stats.
to EFlyFF, for pushing me to Fame, that pushed me to uFly and in turn, DemonFlyFF

to Tyrin and Bedbug of Fame who inspired me to kick their asses, Dogbiscuit included.

Originally Posted by Colliderscope View Post
I'd like to emphasize that guides aren't a rulebook or law, it's merely a pointer to the right direction. If you feel you want to alter your build to something else, do not hesitate to do so. Maybe you'll end up leveling faster than you expected in the first place.
Good luck to all you rangers.

all credit goes to cloudy

just sharing a perfect ranger build~

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Re: BlueMeteo's/Cloudy's Guide to the Ranger Class

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Re: BlueMeteo's/Cloudy's Guide to the Ranger Class

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thanks mr.jabba

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Re: BlueMeteo's/Cloudy's Guide to the Ranger Class

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