How to Download the Client and Patcher

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How to Download the Client and Patcher

Post  JanEhlz on Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:15 am

Download Links for Client and Patcher
just follow the steps stated below, if you have any issues or prblems just PM me in CB or IN GAME

*So for PH Client, if your internet connection is 10.0 Mbps or more, surely you can finish your download at least 1 hour and 30 minutes including the process.
[b]Step #1 go to this Link

*After the page has Load, You'll see files in there, first you must download this 20100929_Flyffv15Setup.exe

* After downloading the set-up you must download this Bin files 20100929_Flyffv15Setup-1a.bin and 20100929_Flyffv15Setup-1b.bin

* Listen Carefully, after you download the Bin file you cant install yet, First you must do is Right Click the 1a.bin File then choose Open With[b] find the set-up that you DL first, 20100929_Flyffv15Setup.exe, after that click ok and the set-up will install the first Bin File

* After you successfully installed the first Bin File, your Client will only be v14 or less, you must install the 2nd Bin fiile and that is the [b]1b.bin
just repeat the process of installing the Bin file in Step #4.

* You must install the Bin files in the same Flyff folder, you must First Install the 1a.bin before the 1b.bin to prevent errors.
* For newbies DL means Download

Step #6
* Download the InterFlyff Patcher and Enjoy`! Playing till' you Drop.

For Gpotato Client

Step #1
* Just Click this Link

* Choose from any of the Mirror sites, one of them can surely give you the v15 client but it will take a longer time than Ph Client.

* So after you have Successfully DL the Client, Download the InterFlyff patcher, Run the Patcher and Play.

InterFlyff Patcher Link
Just Click this Link for the ?6ej6f8ejiizpe6u

For any Suggestions, Comments, FeedBacks, Reactions Just Pm me In Game or In Chat Box Thank you.

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Re: How to Download the Client and Patcher

Post  Jabbawockeez on Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:13 am

bounce nice


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