~InternationalFlyff Awakes~

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~InternationalFlyff Awakes~

Post  Jabbawockeez on Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:30 pm

Hi Players,

~This is all the availabe awakes in ~InternationalFlyff~

~critical rate
~additional damage of critical
~moving speed
~attack speed
~defense power
~attack power
~max HP
~max MP
~max FP
~casting time reducing of Mana
~Increased Attack Power (Sword)
~Increased Attack Power (YoYo)
~% blockrate
~% Earth Mastery
~% Reflect
~Damage Increase vs. Monsters
~Hit Rate
~Increases Damage While Using a Yoyo
~% Decrease the Magic Defense of a target
~% Increases % HP
~% Increases % MP
~% Increases % FP
~Additional Damage
~One Hand Damage
~Two Hand Damage
~Wind Defense
~% Attack Speed
~% Decreased MP Consumtion
~Life Steal (HP)
~MP Recovery after NPC kill
~% Increases % attack
~% Electric Mastery
~Attribute Attack
~MP recovery
~Jump Height
~magic defence

This is all the awakes you might want to choose if you donate!!! king



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