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[Notice]ChatBox Rules

Post  Reign on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:04 pm

Dear all,

Below are the rules of chatbox which you are required to adhere to. Failing to do so would result in being kicked from the chatbox. Repetitive kicks would then lead to a BAN.

1. No advertising of other servers regardless of game.
2. No vulgarities
3. No spamming
4. No being rude to Admins/Mods
5. No begging for items from anyone
6. Speak English in chatbox (unless u really cant)
7. Be nice to other players
8. No flaming
9. Use Private Chat if you intend to debate about something
10. Do not spam links of other websites on chatbox

Punishments for offenses:
Advertising in ChatBox = 6Hour BAN
Advertising in Private Chat = Permanent BAN
Swearing/Spamming/Flaming = Kick. (3 warning Kicks = 1-2 Hour BAN)
Being rude to Admins/Mods = Kick
Begging for items = Kick

Thank you for abiding to the rules and hope you enjoy yourself here in InternationalFlyff



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